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Writing to you about some big changes coming to I Heart Blank, LLC in 2022.  Most of it’s pretty straight forward.  We’ll go through...well, pretty much everything.  Feel free to ignore any services that you aren’t using and be sure to read any all services you are!

This email/post will cover the following:

  • New Billing System
  • 2022  Copyrights
  • 2022 Rates
  • Hosting
  • Domains

New Billing System

At this point you all should have received an email about signing in to the new billing system.  It’s a major upgrade on this end.  The billing system has a ton of new features for you to keep track, purchase, tweak, auto-pay all of your services, as well as create tickets.  Overall it’s a much more stable system.  Once you log in you’ll get a bunch of new menu items/options.  Highlights include:

Managing Services - You can manage all of your services once you log in.  You can view the overall of your services as well.

Purchasing Products - You can now purchase (or I can on your behalf) new products and services.

Domains - You can look at all your renewal dates and even tweak some your records through the new billing system.  It’s really streamlined the system.

Auto-pay - I’m at the end of beta testing, but you can also set up ‘auto-pay’ for your domains, hosting and other services.

Ticketing System - The new system also has a ticketing system for you to keep track of all the questions you asked and a place for you to ‘go back’ and find any information I’ve given you in the past.  This new system will keep a trail of everything!

The front-end of the site is still a little ugly, but I’ve really been spending my time learning and getting everyone into the back-end.  Be prepared for a new front-end in the next couple of months which will make things even easier for you.  Stay tuned in the upcoming months for more tweaks to both the front end and the back-end.

You can access the new billing system at

If you’ve forgotten (or need to reset) your password, you can do that here:

2022 Copyrights

As per usual, I’ll be updating the copyrights (ie - Copyright 2022) of all clients in the first week or so of 2022 (maybe even earlier).  If I’ve somehow missed you and your website, please shoot me an email (or submit a ticket in billing) and I’ll get right on it.

2022 Billing Rates

It’s been a few years since I Heart Blank has seen a price increase.  It’s taking me less time to do the same amount of work and I’ve got a mortgage to pay!  Take a look below at 2022 billing rates.  Any contracts or agreements that were made prior to 2022 will honor their rates.

2022 Corporate Hourly Rate: $125.00 / Hour

The Corporate Client Rate is mostly for corporate accounts.  This rate is for on-going clients who need (mostly) continual and instant updates.  While I still assure delivery dates for all of my clients, Premier clients will ‘be at the top of my list’ when I check my email in the morning.

2022 Small Business Hourly Rate: $110.00 / Hour

I really wanted to try to keep my hourly prices down for my small business clients in the upcoming year.  I Heart Blank, LLC hasn’t had a price increase in 2 years.

New Hosting Tiers

Here’s a new one.  For the first time since starting I Heart Blank, LLC will introduce new hosting tiers and pricing.  Licensing for cPanel has gone up and it’s time for I Heart Blank to get a new, faster hosting server.  Good news is the new tiers have more space, bandwidth and will be hosting on a faster server.

If you’re a current hosting customer, your price will stay the same and you will be under the Legacy Hosting.  Only catch is if you decide to move to a higher tier hosting package, you will be upgraded to one of the new plans.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new plans.

Hawk - Plan A

  • 3GB Storage Space
  • 6GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $12 /month | $144 /year

Falcon - Plan B

  • 8GB Storage Space
  • 10GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $17 /month | $204 /year

Condor - Plan C

  • 12GB Storage Space
  • 15GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $23 /month | $276 /year

Albatross - Plan D

  • 20GB Storage Space
  • 25GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $30 /month | $360 /year

Domain Pricing

For the first time ever, unfortunately, domain prices also have to go up and will affect both old and new clients.  I tried to keep the increase reasonable (and there’s a few that went down but,  for example, .com’s will go from $15 to $17 per year.  I’ve also gotten rid of the discounts for multi-year purchases of domains.  There’s waaaayyyy too many domains to list here, but if you want to check out the new pricing structure, you can check that out here.  You can also log into your account and check it out at:

Note:  I got a warning from the registrar that US Laws may require taxes to be collected on domains.  I’ll cross that bridge when it comes, but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Here's looking forward to a great 2022!


Tom DuHamel
I Heart Blank, LLC
(908) 509-1013

Thursday, December 30, 2021

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